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Former Head of Product, PowerReviews.com

Get your ideas out there faster

Learn from your customers

Build the confidence to move forward

Product Philosophy

I’ve learned in 20 years of software development that we can build anything.
It's what we choose to build and how fast we do it that is the differentiator.


How to Create a Company Culture that Wins by Focusing on Your Customers

Don't "outsource" gathering customer insights to your customer facing teams. Winning product teams create direct relationships with customers.

Read How I Learned to Love My Customers

Read How to Meet 100+ Customers Per Year



The missing piece to your product management puzzle...

...visualizing the user experience

Product teams need to fill gaps of information and get to a shared understanding about their user.

Read How to Understand Users Quickly as a Team



Agile Engineering is Useless...

...if you're programming without having user tested your ideas

Are you too busy? Do you lack the team skills or the company culture to do user testing?

Read more about common barriers to user testing



I'm not going to user test...

...my product needs to be in market now

Delivering software on time can be a false milestone...unless of course, you produce the right software the first time without ever having tested it with users...unlikely.

Read more about how user testing makes software development faster



Real users don't know jack...

...how can I trust a handful of users.

Get outside the office. More meetings with the same colleagues won't solve your innovation problem.

Start using Product Discovery...it's the Agile methodology for ideas.

Read more about what users can tell you during Product Discovery

Working with Me

Working with Jim Morris

Testing an app prototype onsite

Reading about modern product techniques is not enough to get good at them.

Learning and implementing concrete techniques from a proven Product Leader will bring teams up to speed faster and make companies more nimble more quickly.

Hiring an experienced leader to coach and consult with your team will accelerate success.

(More about product coaching by Marty Cagan, author of Inspired.)


Learn about this approach in my Product Insights blog


Typical Product Coaching Areas of Focus

  • Understand the "Why?"
  • Be problem oriented
  • Are you failing at all?
  • Quick validation of ideas
  • How many users have you met?
  • Are you using analytics too much?
  • Speed over perfection
  • Innovation is a by-product
  • Align roles and responsbilities
  • Team member skills and abilities
  • Create a lasting, user focused company culture

Typical Product Coaching Activities

  • In depth Product Discovery Coaching
  • Improving skills for Product Managers and UX Designers
  • Avoiding micro-managing while still communicating effectively
  • User experience mapping
  • Idea vetting and management
  • Breaking down the problem at hand
  • Exposure and practice with a variety of user research tools
  • Competitor testing
  • Hands on user testing
  • Socializing product discovery results


In the past 10 years, I've worked with over 100 companies designing
Website and App solutions.







Jim Morris


Jim has a dual background in Product and Engineering including both hands-on and leadership positions. These days, he consults with startups and public companies on the ideation, creation and delivery of applications, websites and apps. Within these companies, he focuses on skill development, organizing teams for efficiency, and working directly with end users to bring the right ideas to market more quickly with less pain.

  • 20 years creating Internet applications and mobile apps
  • Started PowerReviews in 2005 with three others. Sold to Bazaarvoice (NASDAQ: BV) in 2012 for $168m.
  • Managed Product and Software Engineering as CTO of PowerReviews
  • Significant leader and code contributor at Fogdog.com that went public Dec. 1999 (NASDAQ: FOGD). Later bought by Ebay Enterprise (NASDAQ: GSIC at the time)
  • Hired, managed and made contributions in all roles within product, engineering, design and UX
  • Stanford graduate in Computer Science

Contact Me

Email: jim productdiscoverygroup com